Transferring data between Actions

As an action can be composed with others, a good feature that exists is the ability to take some output from one action and use it in the workflow and other actions within a job.

Defining outputs

an output can be done by using the '::set-output' command.

Usage in shell:

echo '::set-output name=uploaded::true'

Usage in Actions Toolkit

const core = require("@actions/core")
core.setOutput("uploaded", "true")

the name will be a string that you define in the action.yml file under the outputs field.

Example workflow

Let's say we have an action that does some processing on data and then tries uploading some data. If the upload is success, we will define an output variable file_uploaded to be set to the string true

Let's define this output in the action.yml file:

name: Data processor
description: field that will set whether a file was uploaded.

Now if we want to use it in the workflow, we can do such by accessing it from the step's context. do note you need to give a step an id if you wish to access outputs out of it.

# ...
- uses: my-cool-action
id: cool_action
- name: Do only if cool_action uploaded data
if: steps.cool_action.outputs.file_uploaded == 'true'
run: echo "stuff was uploaded"

or you could also use it as an input to another action.

- uses: another_action
was_file_uploaded: ${{ steps.cool_action.outputs.file_uploaded }}
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