GitHub Actions by default will run on hosted VMs by GitHub. You can run your workflows on Windows, MacOS, and Linux. On the Linux VMs, you also can run Docker.

Machine Specs

The VMs are Standard_DS2_v2 virtual machines on Microsoft Azure for the Windows and Linux VMs while the MacOS VMs are run on MacStadium. Each machine gives you the following:

  • 7GB of RAM
  • 2 CPU cores
  • 14GB of SSD space

To use these runners, each platform can be done in a job using the runs-on key with a label that matches the OS and version you wish:

Virtual environmentruns-on value
Windows Server 2019windows-latest
Ubuntu 18.04ubuntu-latest or ubuntu-18.04
Ubuntu 16.04ubuntu-16.04
macOS X Catalina 10.15macos-latest
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