GitHub API Access

Working with GitHub APIs is a powerful tool in GitHub Actions. There are a variety of methods of accessing GitHub's APIs depending on the language you wish to use.


In all workflows, there is a default secret called GITHUB_TOKEN which provides a personal access token Read/Write access to many APIs on the specific repo.

It can be inserted anywhere in a workflow in the env key at the workflow, job, or step level. For example at the job level:

# now able to use GITHUB_TOKEN

Note: If you need API access outside the current repo, you'll need to create a personal access token

Javascript: @actions/github

As part of the Actions Toolkit, a wrapper around the JS Octokit client is available.

To use it, download the @actions/github node module.

yarn add @actions/github

Then for instance, imagine you are running a workflow on a new issue, you could create a comment on it.

const github = require("@actions/github")
// Access token provided by GitHub in all actions
const token = process.env.GITHUB_TOKEN
// GitHub event payload
const context = github.context
// Create a
const octokit = new github.GitHub(token)
// Example: create a comment on an issue
body: "Thanks for submitting an issue! We will get to it shortly",

Other Languages: Octokit

Alongside such, the Octokit org has plenty of other clients for other languages and methods.

As well as other third party companies have libraries as well

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