Finding new Actions

GitHub Actions which you want to share can be published onto the GitHub Marketplace. Rather than manually writing every single action you wish to create, finding published actions allows less code needed to be written overall and swaps from verbose workflows to more composable based on community written actions.

Actions listing in the Marketplace

Screenshot of GitHub Marketplace with listings of GitHub Actions

In the marketplace, if you click on the Actions type, a listing of GitHub Actions will appear on the screen. you can filter them by various categories on the left or search for something with a searchbar up top.

If you open up say the setup-node action that the Actions team built, you can see the readme from the action, how to use it, and other various details.

Setup node listing

Actions listing in the workflow editor

Alongside the actual marketplace section, if you are editing a GitHub Actions workflow using their editor, there is an Explore tab on the right side which will also present a view of all of the Actions in the marketplace.

Actions in the workflow editor

If you click on one, you get a short description about the particular action and how to use such.

Setup node listing in editor

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