Docker Actions

Alongside running code on the bare VM or bundled in a JS Action, you can also package up code & scripts into a docker container. This provides access to run any tool and then bundle it up to be used quickly in a worflow using a uses step.

Setting up a image

The only two needed instructions in the dockerfile for a Docker action is the FROM and ENTRYPOINT saying what the base image should be and what should run.

As well, files can be brought into the container with a COPY instruction. A Dockerfile as such could look like the following:

FROM ubuntu:18.04
COPY /entrypoint

An entrypoint shell script is a good way to say what code should be run when the docker container is executed.
echo 'Running from a container!'

The script has to have the executable bit turned on so be sure to run this command before commiting it:

chmod +x

Notice: It is not required to build a docker image but can improve performance by building them. More details later.

Action.yml for a docker container.

The action.yml only differs slightly compared to writing a JS Action. Inside it, the using key will say docker as the runtime and then the image key will point to a relative filepath for where the Dockerfile exists.

name: My cool docker action
description: a new GitHub Action doing things in a docker container
using: "docker"
image: "Dockerfile"

If you built the dockerfile into an image, you can as well pass in a URI to it from any registry.

For instance, if the image is on GitHub Packages, then it would be:

using: "docker"
image: "docker://"

Building the container into an image will reduce workflow run times so this is reccomended if the container takes a bit to build or is used frequently.

Once this is all set, the docker action can be published up to the GitHub Marketplace.

Access to the host filesystem

In every container, The GITHUB_WORKSPACE environment variable will point to the workspace of the job.

So say we ran a Python script that saves a file data.json in the GITHUB_WORKSPACE folder. After this container is done being run and cleaned, the same folder in the host system will still include that file.

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