Bring Intelligence to your Repos with GitHub Actions


What is Actions

Workflows at your fingertips

Be able to trigger workflows using GitHub Actions based upon dozens of triggers like a git push, PR opened, issue created, scheduled task, and many more.

Your platforms, your tools

With support for hosted runners with MacOS, Ubuntu, Windows, and Docker, you can work the way you want to work. If it doesn't fit your use case, on-prem runners are also avaiable for no cost.

Native CI/CD

Be able to have clairity when PRs are opened that your software will still work and when they're merged or a release is versioned, GitHub Actions can tackle all of the automations around such.

Over 1000 Community Integrations

With over 1000 actions in the GitHub Marketplace, you have a whirlwind of tools at your disposal.

What is GARS

Deep Dive Resources

From intro tutorials, reference guides, and API references, learn the Breadth of GitHub Actions

Ideas to enhance your Repos

From notifications on PRs, to scheduled tasks, deploy workflows, and many others, you can come away with ideas to build up tools around your repos

Curated Actions & Workflows

A look into some top workflows and community developed actions that can power up your toolchain

Coming Soon

Getting Started

Intro Tutorials

Learn how to setup a simple CI pipeline with GitHub Actions or build your first Action with JS

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Learn through guides and references all of the features of Actions. Workflows, Secrets, runners, and many more

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